Friday, January 4, 2013

regarding Pariah the novel

Pariah is going to be a strange, Weird fiction novel, with neo-noir elements.  There will be a kind of pulp/graphic novel feel, hopefully as literary as possible.  A bit sci-fi, being based in a future New York, different yet still New York. But there are fantasy elements.  And of course, the unease of weird throughout. Terrors galore.

Actually it starts as a detective story but that devolves soon enough (it is not my aim to make this a detective novel).  There will be an ancient cult with elements of Christianity and Cthulhu cosmology.  Not sure what this thing is.  And really I'm still working everything out.  I'm hoping I can pull off this difficult novel.  But I'm excited about it.

Wish me luck

And I hope I live up to all of your expectations.

Stay tuned to this blog and my Facebook.

Things are happening...

Not just the Gears...

Sounds will be coming soon...

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