Sunday, December 30, 2012

gears turning, anticipation

So the gears turn. They've been turning for some years now. I am now waiting to get the equipment. Once that happens will be the recording process. And after that... to let you all see what I've created. I appreciate all of your support.  I just hope I don't disappoint... But over the years, my music has been received well, very well in some instances.  The first songs I'll unveil will be the simpler acoustic stuff.  Then to see how my heavier stuff is received.  Remember, Horrid Divides is experimental and progressive.  There will be no drums, only digital percussion.  It will be new to me.  And all of it is from me.  I am the only member of Horrid Divides at the moment.  In time there will be more members.  This is my brain-child and my baby.

So keep vigilant...

Things are happening... 

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