Saturday, December 8, 2012

kill the formula...

What I'm striving to accomplish with my solo project is to experiment. I'm not only going to try new methods of the composition of the melodies and riffs and such, but I'm going to mess with the sequence of verses and bridges and choruses and everything in between. I'm really not going to label each section a verse or a bridge, etc. I'll probably merely label them parts or something. And there will be many different parts. No set formula.

And I've been noticing that much of my music has many parts. What I would think of as parts to different songs would in actuality be parts in one song. I'm going to try and make everything flow in a way that doesn't confuse the listener. Try and make it work.

But above all else, I want to try something new. That is the point of Horrid Divides: To not have a permanent, inflexible structure, but a free kind of structure. And I hope you all will enjoy it. I'm taking the first few steps on a path where I've no idea what the culmination will be. But I'm hopeful, and I'm excited.

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